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Cinema II - Life Skills
Item #502

Minimum Cognitive Age Level:
1 Year


$39 - CD
(Can be installed on one computer at a time)

$29 - Download
(Can be installed on one computer at a time)

$99 - Classroom License CD
(Can be installed on an unlimited number of computers as long as they are in the same physical classroom)

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In this particular clip, when the switch is pressed, the man will demonstrate tying his shoe. The clips are very smooth and are played at 30 frames per second. It�s as smooth as watching a television.
Program Description
Cinema II - Life Skills - Program #502 is a cause & effect program that is age appropriate for older as well as younger populations. This program is made up of 75 film clips covering various categories where 8 out of the 10 categories are dedicated to common life skills such as putting on your shoes, putting on a hat... Each film clip lasts approximately 5 - 10 seconds. When the switch is pressed the first time, the title of the clip is displayed in large letters on the top of the screen and a human voice announces the title. When the switch is pressed the second time, the movie begins playing. Option in this program include:
  • The background option of the film clip is either a colorful TV set or a movie theater screen.
  • The auditory prompt interval for pressing the switch.
  • Disabling or enabling movie categories from being viewed.
  • Viewing movies in normal, large or full screen mode.
  • Viewing movies in category, alphabetical or random sequence.
  • Replaying or skipping the current movie.
  • Skills Introduced System Requirements
    Cause & Effect
    Word Recognition
    Auditory Training
    Life Skills
    Hand/Eye Coordination
    Windows Versions: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
    111 meg hard disk space