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Paddle Pong
Item #701

Minimum Cognitive Age Level:
4 Years


$19 - CD
(Can be installed on one computer at a time)

$9 - Download
(Can be installed on one computer at a time)

$49 - Classroom License CD
(Can be installed on an unlimited number of computers as long as they are in the same physical classroom)

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Paddle Sizes, Ball Speed, and Skill Level can be adjusted for each side separately.
Program Description
Paddle Pong is a two player classic arcade style game designed specifically for individuals with special needs. The players can use the program with a variety of input devices simultaneously to move their respective paddles. For example, both players can use switches, or one player can use switches while the other player can use a mouse, touch window or the keyboard. For switch users, two switches are used for each player, one to move the paddle up and the other to move it down.

The program allows you to customize the settings for each player based on player's abilities. This allows you to make the game equal even if the players are not. This game is also a great way to have individuals without special needs play with individuals with special needs. Paddle Pong allows you to customize each player's indivual settings. These settings include the size and color of the paddle, the speed of the ball, the skill level, and the amount of points to win. Other game options include setting the background color and the size of the ball.
Paddle Pong can be made into a one player game by sizing the opposing paddle to the entire height of the court.
Skills Introduced System Requirements
Hand-Eye Coordination
Windows Versions: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
10 meg hard disk space