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Listen & Respond - Standard & Professional Version
Minimum Cognitive Age Level:
4 Years

Item #888 - Standard Version

Item #890 - Professional Version

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The customer places an order. The student must choose the correct button(s) to match the customer's order.

Click here for a Video Demonstration for the Standard Edition

Click here for a Video Demonstration for the Professional Edition
Program Description
LISTEN & RESPOND software programs are designed to introduce and reinforce the connection of a verbal request of an object to pictures or words within familiar environments, such as a converience store, school store, cafeteria, farmers market, and others. It accomplishes this in a role playing environment where the student is working behind the counter in one of the several different stores provided by the program.

Customers come up to the counter and place an order that would normally be carried in that type of store. The student must select the correct choice button(s) to fill the customer's order. This program is very useful for transitional skills, life skills, memory skills, and pre-vocational skills training. Data is automatically recorded and can be viewed in a spreadsheet or text format.

Program Feature Comparison
Standard EditionProfessional Edition
Auditory scanning of buttonsyesyes
Access: switch/mouse/touch windowyesyes
Option to hide the button after choosing incorrectlyyesyes
Change prompt imageyesyes
Set the number of choice buttonsyesyes
Specify items a customer can ask foryesyes
Set pictures, words, or both pictures and words to appear
on the choice buttons
Set the frequency of the manager's positive or encouraging commentsyesyes
Number of stores76
Number of items144161
Number of items a customer can order at a time11-10
(Range set by teacher)
Set the customer's speech rate yes
Add your own customers from photos or any
picture file
Create a photo ID card for screen display and/or print yes
Single Copy License
(Can be installed on one computer at a time)

Item #888

Price - $49

Item #890

Price - $69

(Can be installed on one computer at a time)

Item #888

Price - $39

Item #890

Price - $59

Classroom License
(Can be installed on an unlimited number of computers
as long as they are in the same physical classroom)

Item #888CL

Price - $125

Item #890CL

Price - $175

Skills Introduced System Requirements
Connection of a verbal request of
an object to pictures or words
Choice Making
Hand-Eye Coordination
Memory Skills
Turn Taking
Windows Versions: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
220 meg hard disk space
At least 1024 x 768 screen resolution